STAY AND PLAY Franklin Before and After School Program 2017 – 2018

 Online Registration for Franklin Stay and Play 2017-2018
OPEN Wednesday, May 10th – Wednesday, May 31st.

Franklin Stay & Play takes place at the Franklin Early Childhood Center. Children may arrive for before school programming anytime after 7:25. Children participating in the before school program are brought to their classrooms at 8:15. After School programming begins at 2:10 following school dismissal. After school programming ends at 6:00PM.

Families who need before and/or after-school programming choose the days and for after school a consistent pick up time. For after-school programming, families have flexibility to pick-up by 3:30, 4:30, or 6:00PM but must choose the same time each day.

In the event a family needs an occasional change to their schedule an hourly rate and a service charge fee will apply as follows: A family who generally picks up at 3:30 but will pick up at 4:30 the charge would be $10.00. ($8.00 hourly rate plus $2.00 service charge fee) or pick up at 6:00 the charge would be $25.00 ($8.00 hourly rate/$5.00 service charge). A family who generally picks up at 4:30 but will pick up at 6:00 the charge will be $15.00 ($8.00 hourly rate/$3.00 service charge). Time changes must be made and approved at least one week in advance of the change or it will be considered a late pick up. There is a $2.00 per minute late pickup fee applied to all late pick-ups.

Before school programming offers a drop-in option where families pay a fee and receive a punch card for ten drop-ins. Families can purchase drop-in cards as needed throughout the school year. The drop-in option is only available if registration procedures have been completed prior to drop in.

Stay and Play also offers programming for the eight Early Release days. Early Release days begin at 11:25 AM. If early release programming is needed families must sign up when registering for all eight Early Release days.

Full day programming is also offered by Stay & Play during December, February, and April break Tuesday through Friday and on November 7th Professional Development Day from 8:00AM-6:00PM. Children must be signed up for the full week of programming during vacations. All extra programming must be indicated when registering. Families are responsible for payment of all registered periods. Space for all programming is available on a first come first serve basis.

Families are encouraged to personalize their schedule to fit their programming needs. Payment will be divided into eight equal tuition payments to include all programming selected (Before & After School, Early Release Days, and Full Day Programming).