Melrose’s 14th Annual International Welcome Potluck



Dear Friends:

The Melrose Human Rights Commission invites you to Melrose’s 14th Annual International Welcome Potluck!

This year’s Potluck will be held at the Lincoln Elementary School at 80 West Wyoming Ave. on Thursday, November 17th, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.  This event, sponsored by Mayor Robert Dolan and the Melrose Human Rights Commission, is a “potluck” dinner that provides an opportunity for Melrose residents to welcome newcomers to the city and newly arrived families to meet their neighbors.  We especially encourage families of English Language Learners to attend.

The Melrose International Welcome Potluck started in 20002 and has grown in size and significance and is one of the most important and enjoyable of our city’s annual events.  The International Potluck is a wonderful opportunity to sample an array of interesting and delicious foods and to meet new and old friends.

Families are encouraged (but not required) to bring a dish that is typical of food commonly served in their country of origin.  The Human Rights Commission will provide serving ware, light refreshments, and activities for young children.

Please join us November 17th!!  Your presence will add significantly to the value of the event and we sincerely hope you and your children will be able to attend.

P.S.  If you bring a dish, please fill out an index card with:

1: the name of the dish

2: a list of its ingredients

The school has request that no one bring food with any nuts in the dish, due to allergies.  The card will be displayed in from of your dish.


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